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HISS is established as an American company, incorporated in the State of New York, specialized in the transporting of helicopters worldwide.  We are aligned with Bruzzone  Shipping, Inc., a leading international freight forwarding company which operates under a valid Federal Maritime Commission License and is a licensed U.S. Customhouse Broker, as well as an authorized I.A.T.A. agent.


HISS has affiliates in virtually every territory in the world, such as:

  • North America
  • South America
  • Southeast Asia
  • Republic of South Africa
  • Europe
  • Scandinavia
  • Australia


Our specialists employ cutting edge technology and creative logistics concepts to meet the needs of our customers worldwide.

By Ocean Freight

  • Careful anlysis of routing, configuration, dismantling, and possible containerization.
  • Shipping schedules, rates, and routing options are always offered.
  • On-site supervision of loading / unloading operations.
  • Close monitoring throughout the shipping process.
  • Below deck stowage for out-of gauge helicopters.
  • Full ship/air charters and U.S. inter-coastal barges, when necessary.

By Air Freight

  • HISS prepares air cargo manifests and ferry flight procedures and supervises all cargo plane loading at origin and unloading at foreign destination.
  • We carefuly plan all operations with shippers, airport operations, U.S. domestic and foreign governmental agencies, ground support teams, surveryors, etc.
  • Every conceivable model of helicopter. By scheduled Boeing 747 freighter or exclusively chartered aircraft, including Short SC-5 Belfast, Lockheed C-130, or Russian AN-124 Antonov.

By Ferry Flight

  • We specialize in receiving helicopters that are flown to air and seaports by ferry flight. 
  • We work closely with helicopter pilots, FAA/ATC, port authority police and port agencies, mechanics and packers when meeting a fly-in.
  • Timing is critical, especially under the most adverse weather conditions.
  • We arrange ferry flights that are considered export "flyaways". 
  • Helicopters and crews leaving the United States under their own power are closely coordinated with U.S. Customs and U.S. Immigration & Naturalization.

By Overland Transport

  • We have capacity to arrange approved D.O.T. transportation of oversized helicopters, interstate or intrastate, complete with escorts.
  • We also have the capabilities of arranging State trooper and/or chase vehicles and conduction road surveys for appropriate routings.

House to House or Door to Door Movements

Our offices and affiliates can effect and control safe movements from house to house or door to door or anything in between.  We customarily use air-suspension tractor-trailers, or specially designed vehicles and equipment for heavy and medium lift helicopters.

Transportation Insurance

HISS can arrange for comprehensive transportaion insurance at reasonable insurance rates.  We typically spend considerable time on damage prevention through proper planning, careful carrier selection and constant monitoring.

Customs Formalities

At our headquarters in Inwood, NY and through our affiliated agencies throughout the world, we arrange for export and import formalities, to include aircraft temporarily used abroad or for purposes of foreign exhibition.

Expediting Spare Parts and Components

Quick local response.  We are equipped to handle spare parts and components urgently needed overseas.  We offer consolidated air freight rates for regular shipments, not indicated as urgent.  We also offer full container rates as well as Less-Than-Container loads.  Oversized and out-of-gage aircraft are given break bulk rates, usually on a lump-sum all inclusive basis.

Free Cost Estimates

HISS has OEM and maintenance diagrams of nearly every helicopter manufactured throughout the world, including russian helicopters.  This allows HISS to determine shipping parameters for each type/model of helicopter and their respective costs for shipper's budgetary requirements.  Through our extensive knowledge of transportation, we try to anticipate every possible situation, thus avoiding surprises.

AOG Services

We understand the meaning of AOG.  Our staff of professionals stand ready to ship AOG and extremely urgent shipments to virtually any destination around the globe.  We select the fastest possible routings through scheduled airlines.  Transfer to airlines with interline agreements are closely monitored by our affiliates at connection gateways.  HISS or affiliate agents will arrange for customs clearance if requested by our customers.

Disclosure and Confidentiality

HISS will not disclose any information provided by our customers to any other operator or broker.

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